THIS AMBIENT LIFE // artist statements, PhD and other writings on ambience-site-installation-place

The Ambience of Ambience (editorial for M/C journal 2010)
Ambience, Rhythm and The Digital (commissioned catalogue essay 2008)
White Noise (review of ACMI exhibition 2005)

Ether Space (artist statement 2011)
Swoon (artist statement 2009)
Ambient Cafe (artist statement 2006)

LIQUID SOUNDS // essays whilst writer-in-residence at Liquid Architecture Festival

Making Waves (festival review 2005)
What Shall We Play Our Babies? (festival blog post 2005)
Ways to Live with Sound: Three Models (festival dvd catalogue essay 2004)

BROKEN WORDS // essays whilst writer-in-residence at Small Black Box

Broken Melodies (April 2003)
Broken Polyphonies (May 2003)
Broken Tools (June 2003)
Broken Locations (July 2003)
Broken Efforts (August 2003)