Sonic, spatial, social artist.
Exploring immersive full-bodied listening within vibrational sound fields. 

Multiple ongoing  projects including:

PORTAL // multiple miniature vintage keyboards, in installation, performance and collaborations
TRANCE PIANO // solo durational piano performance-installation
THUNDER CLOUD // throbbing drone-noise guitar and synth
HHAARRPP // electro hypnotica, solo laptop and collaboration with live musicians
PROPAGATIONS // live coding of hundreds of sine-wavs to produce intricately complex distorted-beating

Co-director of:

SUPER CRITICAL MASS, sonic participatory public art projects.
THEATRE OF THUNDER, sonic-body-atmospherics performance troupe.

Director of:

MESMERISM INC, an artist-run production house of mesmerising events and ideas.

Occasional writer about sound, space, art.

PLUS LIFE MINUS LIFE // a conceptual sketchbook on difference and living
ONE HUNDRED MEMORIES FROM AGE ZERO TO FIVE // memoir of my early childhood
WORDS BECOME ME // older arts writings