SUB TERROR is an ongoing installation and performance project for multiple electric bass feedback. 

NB: Whilst the sub-sonics and volume, distortion and spatialisation of the sound make this project difficult to adequately document, the audio-video and photos below attempt to give taste of it.

SUB TERROR 01 (Aug 2014)

For 2x electric bass with two lowest strings only, 2x 1000w powered speakers, mixer, 2x performers, darkened room and spotlights on guitar/speakers.

BEAF 2014 (Brisbane Experimental Art Festival), JWCOCA (Judith Wright Centre of Contemporary Arts)
Performance 7.30-8.30pm, Installation 9.30-10.30pm in the Performance Space (Main Theatre)

Assisted by Kate Thomas, Festival Directed by Rachel Parsons, Music/Sound curated by Toby Gifford

AUDIO-VIDEO (installation mode)

Footage by Kieran Swann

PHOTOS (performance mode)

Image by Merri Randell

PHOTOS (installation mode)

Images by artist